Why Moringa Latte’s Are The Next Big Health Trend

2017 was all about turmeric latte’s, but there’s a new holy-grail of health: Moringa Leaf. It’s has so many health and anti-aging benefits that it’s been called “the miracle plant.” It also contains a variety of nutrients usually found in several different plants and vegetables - all packed into one. It;s the easiest, surest way of getting a high dose of nutrients on a daily basis. Unlike turmeric powder, moringa doesn’t need to be activated by fats or other substances, which means it’s really add to get all its health benefits. Check out the top 5 reasons you should include moringa leaf powder into your daily routine, followed by an easy recipe you can make at home using it

Top ten benefits of moringa powder:

  1. It is a huge power-source of nutrients. It has:

    two times the amount of protein of yogurt
    four times the amount of vitamin A as carrots
    three times the amount of potassium as bananas four times the amount of calcium as cows’ milk
    seven times the amount of vitamin C as oranges

  2. It’s anti-aging:

    one of the things that contribute to aging is something called “free radicals” - we build up free radicals in our body from a variety of things, and even though we get rid of some of them, they still damage our cells over the long term, which is one reason why we age.
    Moringa has a few different substances that work to “neutralize” these free radicals, which basically means they become inactive - this means we lower our risk of getting health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, cancers, AND it slows down the aging process, so you stay younger, longer!

3. It’s detoxifying:

Your liver is the main place your body gets rid of toxins. Moringa powder makes sure your

liver is working its best, so it helps you get rid of any built-up toxins over time. Toxins can cause many issues, ranging from brain fog (inability to think clearly or concentrate), to stubborn fat, to hormonal imbalances, such as estrogen dominance. Helping your liver get rid of these toxins improves your energy levels, mental health, and body composition.

4. Helps with weight loss

Moringa makes your cells more sensitive to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that gets released whenever we eat carbohydrates/ sugar and protein, and it tells your cells to “open up” and take in these nutrients. If you have pre-diabetes or any kind of blood-sugar imbalance where your cells become resistant to insulin, these sugars stay around in your bloodstream, and eventually get stored as fat. Moringa can improve your body’s ability to use the food you eat for energy, instead of storing it as fat.

5. Great for your skin!

if you have any kind of skin issues like acne, dandruff, or even simply dry skin, moringa can improve those conditions because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. If its used topically, it also nourishes dry skin and makes it smooth and supple.

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