Welcome to Natbasma.com! I am very happy that you’re taking the time to visit my website. So, thank you!

Who am I? My name is Nathalie Basma- nutritionist, life coach, well-being advocate, lover of delicious food, and fitness enthusiast.

I used to be morbidly obese, yes, a solid 150 kilos (350 pounds) and I have managed to lose the weight over the years by incorporating a healthy and a more active lifestyle. I often get asked about my workouts. I love intense weight training, tennis, Zumba and outdoor activities (when the weather permits). I absolutely love to cook and in the past years, I transformed my non-healthy cooking lifestyle to one that is simply healthy and delicious. I absolutely love to explore various parts of the world and traveling goes hand in hand with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

What started as my personal journey in 2013 has now evolved into a life-long mission to help the global community take control of how they feel every day. I’m on a never-ending quest to learn emerging science behind nutrition and share it with you in simple ways that make sense and more importantly, make a difference in how you move through life.

So, I want to say congratulations to you, right now. You’ve made it and you’re ready to take the first step towards a healthier YOU. My goal is to empower you to live whole, eat well, and feel amazing.




Founder & Owner

Prior to living in the Middle East, Nathalie Basma lived in Miami, Florida and attended Florida International University (FIU) for a B.S. in Biological Sciences. She then received an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition and an M.P.H in Health Policy and Hospital Management from FIU. Nathalie completed a dietetic internship while receiving her M.S. degree, with an emphasis on obesity and diabetes.



Sarah Zaidan is a clinical nutritionist, eating disorders specialist, health coach & food and fitness enthusiast. After graduating from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, Sarah moved to London where she attended University College London, ranked amongst the best top 10 universities worldwide, and obtained an MSc in Eating Disorders and Clinical Nutrition.



Athba is an intern nutritionist who draws inspiration from her own weightloss journey. Formerly morbidly obese, Athba made the decision to change her life by adopting healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle.  After losing more than 30 kg her passion and curiosity about health and nutrition grew which was when she decided to pursue a career in the field to help motivate others to reach their full potential.