About Us

The NatBasma Community

Built on motivation, the Natbasma community drives a learning culture from within. We strive to provide a platform that is dedicated to providing clients with better ways to take control of their health and well- being. It’s important for our teams to have fun creating new ideas: we help others by first helping one another.

Working with Us

We are a growing community of motivated individuals who value new ideas, innovation, and welcome challenges as opportunities. You will be part of a group of motivated entrepreneurs, and take part in the growth of into various exciting new areas. With access to training and development opportunities, you will be part of a growing team through a journey of transformation and change.

Your office is your comfort zone*

Working hard doesn’t have to be uncomfortable – the beauty of the virtual environment is that you will be disconnected yet connected at the same time. Whether you are working from home or a coffee shop, you will still be contributing to the community and your clients. Through weekly virtual meetings with the NatBasma team, you will be able to share your accomplishments, ask any questions, or just drop in to say hello. At, we are a family with the same goal: helping clients build sustainable, healthy ( and happy) lives .

* Working remotely only available for specific roles.