Education/Experience Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience designing and managing complex web-based applications, with a focus on picking the right tool for the job. Open to various technologies for backing data storage.
    • Django and React language a plus
    • MySQL & PostgreSQL data storage a plus

Job Requirements

  • Ability to write code that is well structured, idiomatic, reusable, and easy to understand
  • An appreciation for the importance to strike a balance between getting code out quickly and following best practices. Easily and efficiently scalable, whilst managing risk carefully
  • A proven track record of building complex technology and guiding less senior members of the team to create code that is well-organized, easy to read and maintain, and optimized for its intended purpose
  • Excellent communicator: comfortable explaining technical problems in person and in writing to both a technical and non-technical audience
  • Team player: Can build and collaborate with a team to teach new concepts to.
  • Strong sense of responsibility and ownership; you will have come from an environment in which people are responsible for their own code